Admin Login Username And Password – 192.168.l.l IP Admin Login Username And Password – 192.168.l.l IP
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Many times during browsing, we come across messages that direct us to change DNS settings, proxy or WPS lock, DSL and WLAN settings to name a few; but only a few of us know where to fix them. For changing or modifying all the internet settings, we have a one-stop IP address that is, You may be having your Netgear, KeeWiFi, Linksys or any other brand router but the above address goes well with most of them.

How to login IP Address? Admin Login

In order to change the various internet settings and configurations, you first need to log in. Just follow the below steps to Login: (make sure you are connected to the network via the same 192.168.l.l IP Router)

  • Enter into the address bar of your browser.
  • If that gives you an error, then the above IP address is not applicable for your router. You can find the router’s IP address by clicking on this link: And then enter the same address in the browser’s address bar.
  • When all’s well then you’ll be seeing the login panel, it may resemble the below screenshot. Now provide your username and password. login

  • Now, if you are not sure of your login credentials or just forgot them, you need not worry. Just go through the next major subheading of this article. But, if you haven’t changed your default username or password, then just click on the given link: to know what’s that for your router.
  • Now, after you log in, you are all set to modify the various internet settings. The above screenshot gives an idea of how the final result may look like.

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How To Reset Forgotten Router Username and Password:

It’s always better to first try with the default username and password. Now, you can either find them with the printed materials that accompanied your router, when you first bought it or simply on the router. In most cases, one can get them on the underside or base of the router. If you still can’t find them then just go through the website ( of the router manufacturer’s company and you’ll find it by using a model or a serial number of the router.

If the first one doesn’t work or if you just remember changing the login credentials, just simply reset your router. Once you do so, your router goes back to default login credentials. The reset button that’s on the backside of the router is small enough to be only accessed by objects of the order of a pen or pencil lead and the button needs to be pressed for fifteen seconds.

Also, if your router is Universal Plug and Play enabled, then you don’t need the knowledge of login credentials and router settings screen automatically opens on entering the required 192.168.l.l IP address.

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