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Numerous networks across the world use as their default gateway to avoid IP address conflicts. It is a private IP address and some of the broadband routers you use at your homes such as Netgear and D-link prefer as the default IP address of their router. Being a private IP address, cannot be accessed by the networks which are located outside your network. As a result, they are not unique and can be conveniently used by everyone.

Advantages of Using IP For A Router: IP Address

  • There are about 17.9 million private IP’s available only for the private networks. Therefore, it is not compulsory for your router’s IP to be exclusive. It is not possible for every single device on the internet to have a unique IP address, therefore, the use of private IP’s made life that much easier for the router manufacturing companies, network admin and users as well.
  • By using private IP’s any device on a network can contact or connect to another device seamlessly.
  • Private IP’s can be connected to the internet using the ISP services.
  • A private network can be joined to an internet connection and all the other private IP’s connected to the network can access the internet through this connection. is one of the most commonly used IP address to connect with the ISP.

Why is Used As a Common IP Address For Your Router?

Class C of IP addresses belong to the range – which means that it consists of more than 65k usable IP addresses. is the first IP address that can be used in this list and therefore, it is one of the most commonly used default IP address for your router. Most of the small-scale networks and enterprises use Class C IP addresses because it suits their requirement of connecting a limited number of devices to their network. also falls under the restricted IP addresses as per IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) which means that any device outside your private network does not have direct access to your router. It enables your router’s IP address to be secured and invisible to the outside world. belongs to the IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) address which is mostly assigned to the devices of your home network.

Benefits of Using IP address:


  1. Users belonging to different networks can communicate with each other conveniently using this address. It does not involve any risk and therefore is safe to use.
  2. This IP address negates the need for using switches and DHCP servers for your network. It resolves all the IP conflicts with ease.
  3. can be used for managing and processing data or for sending it to various points on your network.
  4. You can easily access the settings of your router using this IP address. Also, it allows you to configure different settings and devices on your network with ease.
  5. By using the IP address you can modify your modem configuration, change username and password of your router, change security options and much more.
  6. cannot be just used as an IP address for your router but other devices on your network can also take up this address. However, two devices cannot use IP at the same time as an IP address. It can create a “conflict of IP’s” which can also affect or stop the connection between devices. Therefore, if any such issues arise in your private network, you can verify the to restore the connection.
  7. Sometimes your network poses a security threat such as an attack of virus, hacking, etc. At such times we can modify the default IP or change the network settings for resolving or preventing such threats. The system admin can also change the password of the router by using IP in such conditions.
  8. allows subnets to receive and send data to various subnets.

Also Read: Admin Login is the IP address used by several router companies and brands as a default. Different devices such as laptops, printers, computers, etc. can take up this IP address seamlessly. If you are facing some troubleshooting problems with you can reset your router to change the status or to streamline the network.

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